Exit Project
TD Bank Redesign
UX Design • UI Design • Branding
01 —

TD Bank is an established bank in North America that has a website and mobile application. After hearing from a friend complaining about the TD iPhone app, I decided to take a look at it and research further. The mobile app excludes many key features, forcing users to go on the website to enroll in rewards, view credit card information and balances, and edit payment info.

Problem & Resolution

The main problem is many features are desktop-only for their website, such as editing payment information, rewards, and spending. There are convoluted workflows to get to simple pages, the UI is dated and busy, making the experience confusing. Users cannot access their credit card account on the mobile application. In order to solve this, I added credit card access as well as its specific features, simplified work flows, and a modern interface.

02 —

In order to find exactly what the main issues facing users were, I conducted research by talking to existing users and going through online reviews of the mobile app. I found a common thread in disappointment in the lack of features on the application, and how long it takes to go to certain tasks like transferring funds. I also conducted competitive analysis to find the pros and cons of competitor banking applications, and find a common problem in ease of navigating all the menus. I created a persona from my research, and found that the user wants to have all features readily available to them, rather than having to go on their desktop to check their credit card account. From there, I created the task-flows and the wireframes to create an easy and modern interface and experience that solves these common issues on the mobile app.

03 —
Visual Identity & Moodboards

The features of the app should have key elements composed around being airy, friendly, and transparent. Transparent as in straight-forward to users, friendly being simple for everyone to use, and airy in the design system. It will add to the user experience by utilizing a straight-forward, simple design. While keeping the green and white signature colors, I created the design system and the look of the application, while redesigning the logo to have modern typography with a typeface that will be used within the mobile app.

04 —
Account Overview, Transfer & Deposit

The account overview is redesigned to place priority to commonly used features that people want direct access to. To fix the common issues with the transfer, I implemented internal and external transfer and added a progress indicator so the user has the info directly. The deposit feature now shows limits, and the current balance of daily and monthly limits.

04 —
Adding New Features

In order to make the mobile TD Bank app fully functional, the addition of the credit card account and its features are necessary. It has been added to the account overview once you sign in, as well as a new rewards feature that allows you to select cash-back rewards when you use your credit card. I implemented the new spending & budgeting feature that analyzes the trends of one's transactions, and gives the user the option to set a budget.

04 —
Managing Cards

In order to improve the simplicity and how the user can directly access all features of their online banking, I added a manage cards menu that allows the user to view all their card information, as well as lock/unlock their card with other options to replace it.

04 —
Side Menu & Notifications

The side menu on the current app has iconography for each section, but it does not help clarify or add any ease of us. The icons are not inherently recognizable, and there are too many options on the sub-menu. I condensed the options and included sub-menus within them, to nest some obvious information.

05 —
Future Considerations & Takeaways

TD Bank needs to focus on implementing features from their website to the mobile app to increase user satisfaction. Improving the UX and UI with modern visuals and easy workflows will increase user retention. Challenges were figuring out which important/most-used features should be on home as hotkey, and organizing the many features in the hamburger menu.