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Endangered Animal Rescue
UX Design • UI Design • Branding
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Project Brief

Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary (E.A.R.S) is a non-profit organization that rescues animals who are at risk of extinction. The main goal was to create an informational platform on threatened and endangered species globally. It allows users to check for local species near them, and see how they can help join the cause to protect them. By using the valued resource of the IUCN Red List, I researched different classifications and the best way to organize info.

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Problem and Solution

The main problem in this field currently, is that there are no organizations or mobile applications that provide a comprehensive wiki of endangered species. It is difficult to find out how to get involved or help donate to specific species. My solution is to make an all-in-one app where users can read newsletters to stay informed, keep a list of the animals dear to their heart to continuously donate to them, and volunteer at local preservations or labs.

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Using various sources on social media, seeing how people obtain information on endangered animals, I decided to use visuals to bring their attention as well as empathetic language to strike urgency. I used the IUCN Red List to research information on the critical endangerment scale, as well as the main causes of extinction. Using competitive analysis, we discovered what other informational applications about endangered wildlife were missing and what they did well. We found that the most thorough app lacked a variety of species and had confusing navigation, so that put a focus on creating a usable, yet beautiful interface.

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uI Design
Visual Branding

I compiled a list of features the mobile application would have to make it an allin- one app. I laid out the Home, Species, How you can Help, and Newsletter tab to be the main navigation that users would visit, and laid out the wireframes for the sub-sections. I focused on a neutral color palette, with focus on photography of the beautiful creatures. I chose to use a serif rather than sans-serif, as I felt it fit the nature of the organization to carry elegance and sophistication with the subject matter, while allowing it to be more accessible to users with poor sight.

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I separated the mobile app into researching species. a compiled list of how to help the cause, as well as newsletters the organization puts out. The user can now have all the resources they need to stay up with the species that they care about, and find out if more animals have been saved or have been added to the endangered list. The donate button is at the bottom of many of the pages so that it is at the forefront of the user's mind, and they can also find local species they can help preserve.

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Future Considerations & Takeaways

Challenges of creating the user experience and interface of this mobile app was making it fun for the user while still fulfilling the organization's goal of asking for donations, as well as providing a thorough amount of information on each species. My takeaways are that the organization would need to update their app using the IUCN Red List to consistently have the most accurate info. The easy navigation, and pleasing photography would draw users in compared to the other applications out there.