Exit Project
Ux Design • ui design • visual branding
01 —

Nomad is an app that I designed for the use of searching for hiking trails, whether local or for destination use. It gives the user information of the local wildlife and flora there, and considers the user’s preferences as well as allergies for recommendations. The end-user can see the difficulty of the trial, sort by activities they would want to do, customize favorites for their profile and receive recommendations, as well as view other information along with the routes.

02 —

The problem with the current hiking apps were that they lacked an all-in-one approach, that allows users to filter by activities, scenery, allergens and all different types of features. There is a lack of information about the species residing in certain trails, as well as presenting that information in an accessible, attractive way.


Nomad combines the knowledge of trails, and what users are looking to know of a park or trail before they visit there, as well as being prepared to approach wildlife/be in the proximity of allergies. It allows the person to be ready for whatever is there, with comments and reviews from those who have hiked there.

03 —

I conducted research through competitive analysis of other informative hiking apps on the market, and created a more user-focused approach to allow more filtering and have suggestions that are then catered to you. I created the wireframes and prototype in Adobe XD, and the visual design in the Adobe Creative Suite.

04 —
Selecting Park & Profile

You can select a park by choosing a category, look through trending parks, or simply by selecting filters. Users can also save routes, parks that they can then access in their profile view. Users can access favorites from the bottom sticky navigation.

04 —
Filter and Exploration

Filtering out what you want from your specific hiking experience is so important, and I decided, based on my research, that users would also like a way to filter out what activities can be done there. Based on there being a lack of species and allergen info in the current marketplace, it would be a great feature to have in this application to allow wildlife lovers inside.

05 —
Future Considerations & Takeaways

While creating the design of the interface and experience for Nomad, I discovered that users love reading the opinions of others and looking at features of the park and routes. In the future, I would add a community setting where users could ask questions and talk about hikes in their local community to create user loyalty for the application.